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The Hickory High Advanced Placement Academy is designed as a rigorous program to challenge and to prepare students for college success. The classes and extracurricular expectations help students not only develop writing and thinking skills, but they also help in time management and self-discipline.

Furthermore, as stated by the College Board, AP classes help students “earn college credit and advanced placement [and also] stand out in the admission process.” Recognizing this rigor, the Hickory Public Schools rewards students with an extra quality point beyond the half of one allotted for honors level classes.

In order to receive the added benefits, students and parents must subscribe to the following tenets:

  • Academic rigor and teacher expectations will be higher in AP classes than in Honors. Since AP classes lead to possible college credits, the coursework must parallel college work.

  • Enrolling in an AP class requires increased student independence and a high degree of responsibility.

  • The rigorous curriculum requires more effort and homework. (There can be hours of homework per AP class.) The pace of the class is faster, covering more content and covering it in greater depth. Students must complete all assignments at assigned times to reap the educational benefits of the class. (Plagiarizing or submitting work not personally completed is considered cheating.)

    • If a student is caught plagiarizing/cheating, it will be considered an Honor Code Violation and written up in Educator’s Handbook. If they are caught a second time, they will be removed from the AP Academy.
  • Meetings beyond the normal class meetings are often required of an AP student. These meetings may be tutorial or collaborative in nature.

  • Service hours are required and must be completed at each grade level.

  • Field trip opportunities are available, but not required.

  • Students are required to take and pay for all enrolled AP classes if not paid by state.

  • A total of seven AP classes must be taken.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of HHS to provide any student access to rigorous coursework through the AP Academy. 

Vision Statement

It is the vision of HHS to implement a rigorous program by providing AP pathways that promote rigorous coursework and prepare students for the collegiate level, while supporting all students by helping them achieve their capstone diploma or complete an AP Academy Pathway. 


  • Meet all graduation requirements as specified by the district and the state.

  • Students who have a study hall paired with a class, will not be able to leave that class unless a parent comes in and physically checks them out. 

  • Meet the requirements set by the HHS AP Academy:

    • A minimum of 7 AP classes during students’ four years, according to the schedule set by the Academy.

    • 10 hours of school-based community service each academic year, with a total of 40 hours upon graduation.

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