Exam Information and Schedule

Testing Notes for Exam Week for HHS

  1. Students exams will begin on Monday, June 5th with 2 sessions. The first session will begin at 7:45 AM and the second session will begin at 11:45 AM.
  2. No exit tickets this spring, students will only be release if they are signed out in person by a parent/guardian in the front office. No phone calls will be taken.
  3. Due to the need to test online for many of our state assessments our CTE assessments will beheld in the afternoons.
  4. The teachers will do a review for all students in the afternoons on every day. Students will be required to stay to stay for the entire day.
  5. Leave all the electronic devices at home. In the testing sessions, students are not allowed to have:
    1. Cell phones
    2. Smart watches
    3. Food and Candy (unless diabetic)
    4. Drinks, other than bottled water.
  6. Students are allowed to bring with them a novel to read when they are finished.
  7. Encourage your child to get lots of rest and eat a well-balanced breakfast so that they can perform at their highest during the exams.
  8. We will be in dress code as usual.

Hickory High School Spring Testing Schedule 2016-2017

Fri 6/2

Mon 6/5

Tues 6/6

Wed 6/7

Thurs 6/8

Fri 6/9


7:45 AM

Teacher Made Test for Seniors - 1st & 2nd period

1st Period Exams

2nd Period Exams

3rd Period Exams

4th Period Exams

Makeup Exam Day

Senior Graduation Practice


11:45 AM

Teacher Made Test for Seniors -

3rd & 4th period

(CTE Teachers Review)

All English 4

4th Period CTE Test

All Students report to 2nd Period review

1st Period CTE Test

All Students report to 3rd Period review

2nd Period CTE Test

All Students report to 4th Period review


3rd Period CTE Test

All other Students report to 1st Period

(CTE Make Ups)