French Club

French Club (Club français)

Mission: to learn about and enjoy francophone cultures and traditions

Meeting dates: first Monday of the month, Lunch B (subject to change yearly)

Requirements for Membership: $5

potential new club beginning fall 2017:

Société honoraire de français of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF)


  • to stimulate interest in the study of French
  • to promote high standards of scholarship
  • to reward scholastic achievements
  • to create enthusiasm for and an understanding of Francophone cultures
  • to promote international friendship

Requirements for Membership:

  • $3 fee
  • an A- (A minus) average or higher in French throughout their secondary school study of French, including the semester of selection and all previous work awarded secondary school credit
  • a B- (B minus) average or higher in all other secondary school subjects prior to the semester of selection.  French may not be used to calculate this average