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Bobby Grace

Bobby Grace

The most beautiful object I have ever seen in a photograph in all my life is the planet Earth seen from the distance of the moon, hanging in space, obviously alive. Although it seems at first glance to be made up of innumerable separate species of living things, working parts, including us, is interdependently connected to all the other working parts. It is, to put it one way, the only truly closed ecosystem any of us know about.

- Lewis Thomas, Physician and Educator

I am excited to be in the Science Department at Hickory High School!  Currently, I teach Earth and Environmental Science.

I have a keen interest in the study of our planet and the environment.  I am constantly in search of education regarding solutions to our complex environmental problems.  I strive to impart this excitement to my students by the use of in-depth content as well as activities designed to prepare them for the rigor of more advanced sciences available at Hickory High School.

Fall Semester Schedule
1st Period                         Earth and Environmental Science Honors
2nd Period                        Planning
3rd Period                         Earth and Environmental Science CP
4th Period                         Earth and Environmental Science Honors

Check the Useful Links tab to find copies of each syllabus as well as a web-link to our textbook.

I am generally available in the afternoon for meetings and/or tutoring.  Please feel free to contact me with any request.  My information is available in the Contact Me tab.