Scott Crelin

Hello My Name Is...

Scott Crelin

I feel the pointer hovering on my face...

Hello students and parents! I am Mr. Crelin and I am relatively new to North Carolina. I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's in Secondary Education - English. I taught in Florida for 3 years until my family and I decided to move to this beautiful state. 

I love my job and enjoy working with students every day. My teaching philosophy is to connect with students on a human level and through mutual respect and leadership, develop writing and literacy skills adapted to the individual goals of each student.

I am excited to work with each and every one of you. Please feel free to browse my webpage to gather resources, links, and documents you may need for the classroom.

Semester 2:

Period 1: English III
Period 2: Planning
Period 3: English III
Period 4: English III