Christopher Rice, Department Chair

Mr. Rice

My name is Mr. Rice, and I have been teaching at Hickory High for 17 years! I earned my undergraduate and masters degrees from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Since then, I have been trained in the IB subjects of Language A1 Literature (IB English) and Theory of Knowledge. I also have been trained in AP Literature and Composition.  I currently teach IB English and AP Literature, chair the English department, and Coordinate the IB Program at HHS. I am so excited you will be joining me. Teaching high school students is the best job in the world!
I am from a little town on the east coast of North Carolina called Arapahoe where I attended Pamlico County High School. A North Carolina Teaching Fellow, I earned my teaching degrees at Carolina. My first teaching job was here at Hickory High School, and it is here at this very high school that I met my wife, Heidi, who was teaching French at the time. After five years of teaching, I left to work in the computer field for seven years. Once our daughter, Sophie, was ready to start kindergarten, I came back to my calling at Hickory High in 2005, and I have been here ever since!
Teaching at Hickory High has been a fantastic experience because of the incredible student body and the top-notch teaching and administrative staff.  (It is also extremely nice to work alongside my best friend and wife, Heidi Rice, who teaches French in the World Languages department!)

Excited to be teaching my 17th year at Hickory High School, I invite you to contact me with questions, concerns, or suggestions.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Here are my Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Smart Lunch schedules:

1st Period  =  Planning

2nd Period =  IB Coordination
3rd Period  =  English III IB (first 42 minutes)                          CHECK OUT MY
3rd Period  =  English IV IB (second 42 minutes)                    CLASSROOM
4th Period  =  English IV Pre-AP          TWEETS BELOW!

1st Period  =  Planning
2nd Period =  IB Coordination
3rd Period  =  English III IB (first 45 minutes) 
3rd Period  =  English IV IB (second 45 minutes)
4th Period  =  AP Literature and Composition

Mon: A Lunch = On Duty
B Lunch = Open Classroom
Tues: A Lunch = Classroom Closed*
B Lunch = English Tutorial
Wed: A Lunch = Department Meeting Time
B Lunch = Classroom Closed*
Thurs: A Lunch = Classroom Closed*
B Lunch = English Tutorial
Fri: A Lunch = On Duty
B Lunch = Open Classroom
*Students can always get extra help during a Smart Lunch that is labeled as "classroom closed" by requesting a meeting with me ahead of time.

I use EDMODO to make assignments, gather assignments from students, distribute class materials, and communicate with the class.  I will post syllabi and general information on each class's page.  Please see me about getting access to your class's Edmodo page.  Click here to check it out: .  You will need a group code which I will distribute on the first day of classes.  Parents, please email me for your student's group code so that you may stay in touch as well.

Teaching young people is my calling; therefore, I feel blessed to be able to spend a semester with you.  Drop by to talk with me about the courses I teach. Here's to a great semester in English!


Christopher E. Rice, MAT-E
English Department Chair / IB Coordinator
eLeader, Literary Club Advisor, TechTeam
828.322.5860, x1146