1234 3rd Street NE, Hickory, NC  28601

(828) 322-5860 / FAX (828) 326-7101


     CEEB CODE 341-815

Ms. Jennie Lovelace, Chairperson
Ms. Emily Devivo
Mr. Clif Price 
Mrs. Susan Royall
Ms. Katherine Morningstar, Principal
Ms. Verna Breland, Dean of Students
Ms. Amy Baker, Assistant Principal
Mr. Matt Hollifield, Assistant Principal


Hickory High School is a public, comprehensive school that serves 1110 students in grades 9-12.  The school is located in Hickory, North Carolina, and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  The largest city and the business, industrial, educational, and cultural center of Catawba County, Hickory is a vital link between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Piedmont North Carolina.    The student population is 44% Caucasian, 20% African-American, 24% Hispanic, 5% Asian, and 7% other.

The School Day consists of four 90-minute periods.  Credit is issued on a semester basis with each course passed earning 1 unit of credit.  Students take 4 courses each semester, 8 courses per year. (Block schedule since 1996).

International Baccalaureate courses are taught every day in 45 minute periods over two semesters.   One credit is issued at the end of second semester upon successful completion of the course.   IB courses include IB English, IB French, IB Latin or IB Spanish, IB History, IB Psychology, IB Theory of Knowledge, IB Biology, IB Sports, and Exercise Science, IB Math and IB Music (11 total IB courses).   

The Faculty includes 65 full-time certified staff.

Class of 2018: 260 graduates; 44% planned to attend four-year colleges, 42% planned to enroll at community colleges, 12% planned to enter the workforce, 2% planned to enter the military. 


HHS Class of 2018 1083

State 1087        

ACT COMPOSITE SCORES:      HHS       State  

HHS Year 2018                                19.5        18.6              

Grading System: A = 90-100   4.00 GPA

B = 80-89=   3.00 GPA

C = 70-79=   2.00 GPAD = 60-69=   1.00 GPA

F = Below 60= 0.00

GPA point values used for grade ranges are those assigned for the state standardized transcript. 

Graduation Requirements include satisfactory scores on the State End of Course Exams, and completion of the following 28 credits through the Future Ready Course of Study (FRC):

English English (4)

Mathematics Math I (1), Math II (1),

Math III (1) and a math beyond 

Math III (1)

Science A Physical Science (1)

Biology (1)

Earth/Environmental Science (1)

Social Studies Civics/Economics (1)

World History (1)

American History I (1)

American History II (1)

PE Health and PE (1)

Arts Fine Arts (1)

CTE Career-Technical Education (1)

Other Electives (10)


Honors/AG courses are weighted by adding a half (.5) quality point. Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment courses are weighted by adding one (1) quality point.  An initial passing average must be achieved to receive any weighted points.

Advanced Placement courses are available in English Language & Composition, English Literature, Calculus AB, Statistics, Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Geography, World History, and US History.  There are 36+ Honors courses offered.

41% of 2017 AP grads were a 3^.  Forty-four (44) senior students tested in 64 exams.

46 IB candidates took 208 exams with an average score of 4.28 out of 7.  There were 22 IB diploma candidates.  

Course Flags found on the transcript

E = Course is excluded from GPA

N = Course is a non-credit course

S = Course is scheduled to be taken next semester

P = Course is in progress

U = Course meets a UNC admission requirement

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